Zak Downtown
Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop

By creating his own blend of classic New York rap, pop, trap and even dance music, Zak Downtown is redefining what it means to be a hip-hop artist. Born and raised in Downtown New York City, Zak embodies the 24/7 hustling culture of his surroundings.Drawing influence from fashion, sports, art and all genres of music, Zak Downtown represents the real life story of "How to Make it in America.”The focus on capturing hip-hop and creating a sound divergent from what’s been done or expected is emblematic of his work.Downtown's debut single "Kylie Kendall" amassed 5 million streams across Soundcloud and Spotify all independently. The follow up Summer 2016 single "So I Say" is following in suit.In his career, Zak Downtown has performed all over the United States at music venues, colleges and major night clubs; In fall 2015 Downtown was a part of the Chainsmokers Friendzone tour. He's also shared the stage with numerous top acts such as Future, G-Eazy Lupe Fiasco, Sammy Adams, Dada Life, and Kid InkA full project along with eclectic visuals are due Winter 2017, along with Zak Downtown's first nation wide tour. Part of owner of a menswear brand set to launch in 2017 Downtown is set to use music and sound as a vehicle for all types of creative ventures.
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop
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Location: New York, NY


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