Ryan Cabrera
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You might think that you know RYAN CABRERA. Sure, the platinum-selling singer and songwriter is the architect behind ubiquitous smashes such as“On the Way Down,” “True”and“Shine On”as well as albums including 2004’s Take It All Away, which hit #8 on the Billboard Top 200, You Stand Watching[2005], and The Moon Underwater[2008].However, get to know RYAN like never before on his newly released EP Wake Up Beautiful(Dynamite Music) and fifth full-length album due out later this year. Stardom aside,it’s never ever been about image, media, or pomp and circumstance for CABRERA. It’s always come down to one thing: the music. It’s where everything starts... Amidst this creative upswing, 2013 ushered in something of a new awakening for CABRERA. After penning “I See Love”in Nashville with Nathan Chapman [Taylor Swift], he experienced a revelation. “That sparked the mindset of the new album,” he affirms. “It was about writing songs that are real and honest. It was, ‘Write what you love and are passionate about.’ That ignited the entire record.” The first single released, “House On Fire,”shimmies from a percussive tribal intro into an incendiary refrain. He smiles, “It’s about burning everything down and being crazy while you can. You’re living in the moment and enjoying everything you do. A lot of people are afraid to let themselves go, be passionate, and express their feelings. You’ve got to burn it all down—even if just for one night. Let loose and go nutty! It feels great.”Fans and media have raved about “House On Fire;” People Magazine wrote “Cabrera delivers his catchiest hooks” since “On The Way Down” and Perez Hilton proclaimed it “the best song Cabrera has ever released.” House on Fire was also a #1 Billboard Dance Chart song and regular on numerous Spotify playlists during the summer of 2015. In 2016 CABRERA became part of the highly successful My2K Tour alongside 98 Degrees, O-Town and Dream. The 38 date Amphitheater Tour covered the entire North America. CABRERA received rave reviews playing all the hits as well as his new single “Whatever Whenever”. CABRERA most recently has been writing for and with numerous other artists and has been amassing a catalogue of new songs which feature collaborations with Nash Overstreet, TyDi and more. The song of this new music,“Whatever Whenever” was released on August 19th,2016.
Genre: Pop Rock
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