Madds is a Los Angeles based international DJ and producer, who normally goes by the name of Madison Louch. Madds is born in South Africa, but born and raised in the United States, and has for the last five years devoted her self to her DJ career and 2017 became a temporary highlight with shows at Coachella and EDC. Through out her short career Madds has already been touring in Europe, with 22 dates in cornerstone clubs and festivals in Spain, Australia, Mexico and in the United States. Besides touring as DJ, Madds is producing tracks in her own name and has in 2017 released ‘Nosedive’ and latest ‘Walls’ feat. Taylor Bennet and Emilie Brandt. MADDS has performed at: Coachella 2017 EDC Las Vegas 2017 SnowGlobe Festival 2017 Live Out Mexico 2017 E11even Miami Spain EDC Tour 2016 I’m Shmacked Tour 2017 Papa + Beers Mexico tour 2016/17 Surrender Nightclub Critic Choice Awards 2016 Arona Summer Festival 2015 BCM Planet Dance 2015 Los Alamo Beach Festival 2015 The The Roxy
Genre: House
Category: EDM
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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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