Hip Hop, R&B

His name alone sets the tone for who he is, what he does and the magnitude of his skill set. Super-producer Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson copped his name from the German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven because of the many similarities the two musicians share. Both were born in Germany, both mastered the organ and piano at a young age, both boast a genuine interest in music and most notably possessed the same good foresight to align themselves with key people who could help further their careers. For Beethoven it was the dignitaries of Vienna, for Zaytoven it was Gucci Mane, king of the streets of east Atlanta. Zaytoven is the epitome of a multi-layered musical genius. He has been on his grind behind closed doors for over a decade. Not only has he mastered playing the guitar, drums, organ and piano by ear, but he is also a gifted producer, songwriter and performer. The man behind the magic can even be considered an instrument himself, expressing his passion and poetry through keys, strings and drumheads. While he wears many hats, he wears them all well, constantly re-inventing himself and his sound to become a crucial force in the entertainment industry.
Genre: Hip Hop, R&B
Category: Hip-Hop
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Location: Atlanta , GA

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Reviews (4)

Phi Kappa Psi
Great show came last minute for us and gave a hell of a performance. Everyone had a great time and he paired perfectly with Kap G. His team is great to work with. No question worth the money, and should certainly book if you can.
Sat, Apr 7 - University of Mississippi
Delta Chi
Zaytoven absolutely killed it! Awesome performance. Everybody loved him and had a great time.
Sat, Apr 14 - University of Alabama
Alpha Tau Omega
Great show and super nice. Showed up well in advance and stayed the entire time he was supposed to. Would book again.
Sat, Aug 25 - University of Oklahoma
Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Theta Chapter
Zaytoven was a fantastic artist to work with. He is reliable on timing, great at performing, and brings the hype to his performance you would expect and more. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Fri, Nov 9 - Texas A&M University