Zoey Dollaz
Hip Hop

Elvis D. Milord, artistically known as Zoey Dollaz, grew up as a 90’s baby in Miami with both his mother and sister playing the role of parental figures. Through their guidance, he learned to appreciate the little things in life. Similar to many others who grew up in a single parent home, Zoey’s reality consisted of grinding hard to make life better and to fulfill big dreams. His first big dream was to become a pilot but was quickly brought to a halt when a neighborhood friend, Garvin "G- money" Webster, introduced him to the music world. As Zoey's dream continues to become a reality, he reflects on his early influences in music as a young boy and his taste in Hip Hop which includes artists such as Jay Z, T.I. and Lloyd Banks - nevertheless, his favorite genre of music will always be R&B. At the age of 12, Zoey began to compose music while blossoming out of his shell. Years later, while in high school, Zoey and his friends would perform in the hallway with a boom box as their sound system. Instant rap battles became a daily routine that would ensue in the middle of the hallway. Eventually, the rap battles became a distraction and Zoey and his crew found themselves expelled from school. Despite of Zoey's ejection from school, his focus for music became stronger and more determined. Zoey then recorded his first song, "I Run AP”, in a studio session that was paid for by his mother. It is his family and undying love for music that keeps him going, and is apparent within his work ethic. If you ask Zoey what draws him to the music, he will tell you, “In general, I love all types of music. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand the language. To me, it’s more about the different kinds of feelings a person may have while listening to a song". Zoey Dollaz current rise to success has been a steady climb. The release of his smash hit, “Blow a Check,” became a grass-root motivational anthem to the Hip Hop culture and mainstream audiences. The songs' success gained the attention of music and business mogul, Puff Daddy, inspiring the “Blow A Check” (Bad Boy Remix) featuring Puff Daddy, Zoey and French Montana. This led him to inking a deal with Atlanta star, Future, and in 2016, Zoey signed to Freebanz/ Epic records. Much of Zoey's time last year was spent gracing the stage alongside Future, Young Thug, and the Migos during the 2017 Nobody Safe Tour. Later that year, his debut album “Map Boule” (which means "I'm on Fire" in Haitian Kreyol) released. With collaborations from A-listers such as A-Boogie, Future and Chris Brown, there is no doubt that Zoey is on fire. Zoey’s newest release, “Moon Walk”, featuring Moneybagg Yo is the current focus while he continues to balance being a great father to his son and taking care of his family.
Genre: Hip Hop
Category: Hip-Hop
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Location: Miami , FL


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