Kap Slap

Before Kap Slap had released his first original production in 2015 on Ultra Records, he had already headlined sold out tour and racked up 40+ Million streams online. Between the rapidly evolving music industry and the new generation of music fans consumed by the internet, Kap Slap found himself smack in the middle of America's EDM takeover. During his junior year of college in the confine of a small dormitory, Kap Slap aka Jared Lucas, was making electronic music marketable to a first time listener by blending mainstream top 40 tracks with the yet to be discovered house music that has become so popular today. Kap Slap is no stranger to the spotlight either. "Felt This Good," his first single of 2016, took the scene by storm, topping charts on the Dance Radio, BPM Breaker and garnering over 3 million streams on Spotify. One of his latest singles, "Gone" was released on 3LAU's non-profit label BLUME and broke millions of streams in a few short weeks and is currently in rotation on Dance Radio. Kap's most recent single "fucking Amazing (feat. Cal)" fun summer sound is racking up the features on some of dance's hottest playlist and catching the attention of listeners worldwide.
Genre: EDM
Category: EDM
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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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