The REEF is a high energy, “vocalistic”, reggae/rock jam band that began in Ocean View, VA in October 2011. Since emerging into the (757) local music scene, they have encountered an unimaginable amount of success and support, and, like most bands, plenty of turmoil to go along with it. Whether it’s performing with national acts, groovin’ at regional festivals, or giggin’ in their hometown, The REEF always tends to bring a warm and positive vibe to every show; their personalities are just as enjoyable as their music which is what makes them one of the top rising bands on the East Coast. In 2012, the first EP “Love Life” was released and thus kick starting their musical journey. With the help of some local legends R.i.O, Session Rockers, & Jackmove, The REEF began making their way towards their true calling. They even had the pleasure of performing with Rebelution’s lead singer and frontman Eric Rachmany at Seaside Raw Bar. Later on, they opened up for Passafire at The Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach and with Ballyhoo! at Oceans & Ale in Williamsburg. It was turning out to be a great start for their first year on the map. They went on to record their second EP “Hot Box” in summer 2013. In that same year, The REEF began playing shows throughout the region, starting just a few miles south in North Carolina, and working north towards Richmond. It was an amazing summer; being able to meet so many new fans and local musicians while sharing the stage with national artists like California’s own Dirty Heads, The Expendables, & Tribal Seeds, it doesn’t get much better than that. After releasing their first single “Officer Jane,” they quickly realized the potential that everyone had been talking about. Towards the end of the year, their fan base had grown tremendously beyond expectations and so had their determination. After the holidays, they were networking more than ever to expand their contacts in the music industry. Making new friends in Sun-Dried Vibes, Oogee Wawa, TreeHouse!, Bumpin Uglies and Dale and the ZDubs helped The REEF to connect with venues, bands, and friends all over the East Coast. By spring 2014, they headlined The Norva in Norfolk, VA for the release of their first Album “College Park,” which featured songs like “No Control!” and “Get Up! Get Out!” that later received nominations for Favorite Song(s) and Album of the Year. The next day while performing at the 7th Annual Virginia Reggae Festival, they received an award for New Artist of the Year. It was a year to remember, to say the least. They also earned the privilege of performing alongside Iration, The Green, Stick Figure, John Brown’s Body, & Mike Pinto at some of the most renowned venues in Southeastern Virginia: nTelos Wireless Pavilion, The Norva, Jewish Mother, Shaka’s Live. Continuing to leave their mark on society, the music biz, and anyone eager to listen, The REEF is working diligently to record a new album for all the loving fans to enjoy. With over 500 shows under their belt, don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon. Each moment is an expression of their energy, passion, and beliefs whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or just hangin out at the bar or on the beach. “Hit the streets, hit the bars, hit the beach. If we party all night, we’re never gonna sleep. I’m playin music til the day I die cause it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive.” Summertime, The REEF ©2015
Genre: Reggae/Rock
Category: Rock
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Location: Virginia Beach, VA

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Reviews (7)

[Automatic review] Sigma Alpha Epsilon- SC Delta Chapter cancelled a show with The REEF for Sat, Apr 16
[Automatic review] TKE cancelled a show with The REEF for Sat, Apr 2
Kappa Delta Rho
The Reef put on an awesome show for us down at JMU. The Reggae/Rock genre was perfect for our day time party. We can't wait for them to come back in a few months
Sat, Apr 23 - James Madison University
Sigma Alpha Epsilon- SC Delta Chapter
Best Paddy Murphy we've had in the four years i've been at school here. These guys put on a great show along with False Cape.
Sat, Apr 16 - University of South Carolina
Kappa Sigma
This is a great group of guys with a great sound. We had a blast jammin with them and can't wait to have them back come spring time when the weather is warming up. They are awesome for day drinks and love to have a good time. I highly recommend them. Thanks again boys it was a pleasure.
Sat, Aug 27 - James Madison University
Eta Gamma of Chi Omega
Great Show! The guys were really personable and interacted with all the guests at our Senior Band Party. They also came down on short notice to perform for us.
Fri, Apr 7 - University of South Carolina
Pi Kappa Alpha
Fri, Feb 23 - Georgia Tech